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Everything that tastes good

Good and healthy, fine and varied, resource-saving and delightful - that's how I like to cook. After graduating from the Lucerne Business & Hotel Management School, I worked in the restaurants and hotel business and I have met many different people, for most of them, good food was important. It is all the more surprising so few people today cook themselves. What a pity, because cooking is pure pleasure for our senses. Who doesn't love the spicy aroma of freshly chopped herbs, who doesn't remember with childlike joy the first homemade dough and the following delicious licking of the fingers? Together with my guests, I would like to discover and celebrate this natural pleasure of cooking, baking and homemaking. With Vintage Kitchen I have created a unique place in Biel. In this extraordinary and creative cooking atmosphere, in small groups, we will have a good time at the stove and table. I'm looking forward to you.

Everything that is important to me

  • We mainly cook with regional and seasonal ingredients.
  • All items at Vintage Kitchen cooking school are purchased at second-hand stores or are homemade.
  • At Vintage Kitchen we minimize waste. Whenever possible, we use leftovers of food or compost them.
  • We are cooking in an energy-saving and efficient way with well thought-out workflows.
  • We mainly use unpacked products.